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Hey everybody! I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t always want to change something. I am an ever evolving blogger, trying something new and different. So hold on to your hats, I hope you enjoy. Here at The Weiss House we like to keep things interesting and I’m constantly thinking of new ways to bring new followers to my social media and this website. So, I’m changing it up a bit.

While I love my dogs and am passionate about the animals I am blessed to have in my home, they really don’t lead very interesting lives. Sure they are funny and we get to take them to exciting places. My home and clothes are constantly covered in dog hair. I have a seat cover permanently affixed to the rear seat in my car, that is covered in dirt and dog hair. I am also passionate about clothes and looking cute. Keenan hates my shopping habits but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. And a new outfit can really do something for your confidence, especially when a stranger compliments said outfit. Bear with me while I redo a few things around here. Don’t worry, the pups will still have their day on the blog, I’m just adding a bit of fashion into the mix.

I’ve gotten a few new things recently and am absolutely in love! I love spring time and the cute clothes that you get to add into the mix. Brighter colors and shorter hemlines, bring on the warm weather!

These shorts are my new favorite piece! Unfortunately, the boss said I can’t wear them to my day job but that doesn’t stop me from wearing them out of the office. They are a gorgeous blush color that compliments any skin tone and so versatile. I especially love the ruffle hem! 

I’ve paired them with a white tank for date night or girls night out. I threw on my go to wedges and some fun teal colored earrings.

I also paired them with a chambray blouse, my favorite brown booties and some simple gold accessories.

A few weeks ago I got this super cute cold shoulder dress. I love the floral pattern and how comfortable and flowy it is. I wore it to my cousins bridal luncheon with simple wedges and low key accessories. I also wore it on Easter for church and brunch. It is such a fun spring dress.

My day job is fairly casual so I threw this dress on with some simple white and gold slides. An easy outfit to wear at the office and easily transition into dinner with my hubby. 

I’m still figuring out the whole modeling thing, I tried taking a few pictures and looked super awkward. I’m working on it but until I look less awkward in front of the camera, the flat lay look of cute clothes will just have to do. I will be sharing more outfits in the near future, stay tuned to see what I wear around The Weiss House.

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