Murphy Monday #6

Happy Monday!! Murphy has had an eventful past few weeks.

It all started out when she started to look like she put her paw in an electrical socket. Her hair was out of control! It was too long. Constantly getting in her eyes. Mud, grass and dirt would get stuck to the hair on her feet. It was just bad! No amount of bathing at the house would cure the problem. So we took her to get her first grooming.

Her hair was cut, nails trimmed, shampooed, conditioned and brushed. When I went to pick her up from our groomer, she didn’t seem to care for her new ‘do too much. She had the attitude similar to a young girl getting bangs for the first time. She wasn’t sure how she should act, did she look cute or did she look like she cut her own hair? Once she started to run around outside for a bit she realized that she wasn’t nearly as hot as she had been the day before and it started to grow on her.

Being the crazy dog mom that I am, I was very concerned about her first grooming. When I arrived to pick her up, I spoke with the groomer about her experience. For most it may not sound like much but for me it was great to hear the groomer say “Murphy is the best behaved puppy I have groomed in a long time”. Our groomer said Murphy didn’t pull her feet away when she was getting her nails trimmed, she didn’t flinch when she cut the hair around her eyes, and she wasn’t afraid of the blow dryer.

Since bringing Murphy home we have worked on a few different things. Every time we give Murphy a bath, we follow it up with a blow dry. All of our girls get baths once a week, so the bath and blow-dry were not new to our doodle. We have also worked on touching her feet and getting in between her toe pads, touching her ears, face and rear-end. Because of all of that she wasn’t fazed by someone getting all up in her business.

Murphy also found a new hobby. I like to say that she is creating her own pool, Keenan says she is ruining the flower beds.

We have had a number of rainy days over the past two weeks and there is one particular spot in our backyard that doesn’t get any sun. Murphy took it upon herself to dig a hole in that spot. It isn’t a very large hole, one foot wide and about six inches deep. It may not be a large hole, but because it doesn’t get any sun there is constant water in the hole and the surrounding area is a mud pit.

Honestly, it is just plain gross but she seems to love it. She also discovered her love for playing in the rain and the sprinklers. Don’t expect to get her inside without being soaking wet if the sprinklers are on or if there is the slightest bit of precipitation.

She is a silly, goofy pup. Her training is going well and she is learning something new every day. It may be a new command or it may be that she enjoys playing in the mud. Either way, she is getting smarter. We will see what this next week entails!

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