Tail Wag Tuesday

Hey there! Since I can’t seem to keep my stuff together, I’m behind. As soon as I start to feel like I’m going to be consistent with the blog, something happens and I fall off the blogging wagon. Well I’m back and I’m here to stay, better late than never I suppose. I will say, I have finally found a place in the house that I’m comfortable and distraction free to blog. Now I just have to keep it that way!

Any who…back to business. This week I’m telling you all about Miss Bella; who she is, what she does, and how she became the first member of our little family.

Bella is the eldest of all the Weiss dogs, she is seven years old as of March 18. When I was in college, I desperately wanted a puppy of my own. I had grown up with dogs and loved them to pieces, but they were family dogs and couldn’t go to college with me or be away from my mom. So, for my twenty-first birthday, I got a dog for myself. I knew I wanted a small dog, a female, and something cute and fluffy. I almost got a chihuahua- dachshund mix, but we didn’t mesh well so that wasn’t going to work out. Lo and behold, I came across a breeder that had Shih-Tzu puppies and they weren’t outrageously priced, so I hopped in the car and drove to the middle of nowhere East Texas to pick out Bella. She was the smallest puppy of the litter and the most calm of all her brothers and sisters, I knew as soon as I saw her that she was the one for me.

In my excitement, I ignored all of the clues as to why I shouldn’t have gotten  a dog from this particular breeder but Bella was so darn cute I just couldn’t resist her. The breeder ended up being a puppy mill, all the clues were there, I just didn’t pay attention to them. Little did I know, Bella was extremely sick when I brought her home, no shots, no de-worming, she had parasites, and was super ill. My family helped me nurse her back to health, and I reported the breeder to the appropriate authorities for being a puppy mill and refusing to give his dogs any sort of medical care. In the end, we got Bella healthy and happy.

She is a great dog, a little set in her ways, but she is very loved. Bella isn’t fond of kids, she is very protective of me. She is the only dog in the house that barks and she rules the roost. Lucy and Murphy know not to mess with her.

Bella has had a bit of a rough life, while in college, some of my friend’s dogs thought she was a squirrel and would try to attack her. That was never fun, but she survived. After college, she fell off a piece of furniture and ended up having 2 slipped disks in her back, she doesn’t have any major issues but because of this, she can’t play with the other dogs and we have to be careful with her jumping on and off furniture. A few years ago she got pancreatitis, so she was fed chicken and rice for a few days instead of her normal dry dog food. She didn’t complain about that at all.

Even with all of her health problems, she is still a super happy girl. She has one toy that she will play with and one that she chews on, she loves to run laps around our couch. Her favorite thing to do is go on walks. She loves to go in the car and go new places, but that is more because she’s cute and people give her free stuff. Spoiled puppy. She also loves to go to the groomer, there is only one person she lets cut her hair, so if our groomer ever goes somewhere else you better believe we will be going too.

Bella is spoiled and protective, she has small dog syndrome where she thinks she is 100 pounds. Even with all of her fluff, she barely comes in at a whopping twelve pounds, so she made it to the double digits. She is always begging for something, attention, people food, treats. You name it, she wants it. And don’t even think about getting out the peanut butter without giving her some.

Unlike our other pups, Bella isn’t suited for therapy work. I think she would be okay in some situations but she is a bit too unpredictable to pass that test. As she gets older, she sleeps more, if she isn’t on the couch or hiding in my closet, she is sleeping on the big dog bed in the living room. She is so much of a diva that she has her dog bed in my closet under all of my clothes with a blanket on top of it; she won’t lay on her bed if the blanket isn’t there. Like I said, she is a diva.

Bella does have something working for her that the other dogs don’t though…she is tri-lingual. She obviously speaks dog and responds to commands in English, but she also responds to Spanish. It just so happens that I was a Spanish language minor in college so I would speak to her in both English and Spanish. While my Spanish language skills have withered away a bit, hers seem to be as strong as ever. She knows if she is in trouble because I speak Spanish to her and she gets her act together. Her brain may only be the size of a golf ball but she is a smart cookie.

She is cute and loves to cuddle and I wouldn’t trade my little old lady for anything in the world. She is my very first dog that I have had on my own and been solely responsible for. I will be a wreck the day that she crosses over the rainbow bridge. Maybe her illnesses when she was a puppy were just her reaction to the fountain of youth and she will outlive me. A girl can dream right?

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