Tail Wag Tuesday

Dang its been a while since I gave you an update on the pups! I’ve been trying to post more pictures on Instagram and have posted a few of the girls.

Well it has been an exciting time here at The Weiss House for the dogs, so here we go…

Bella has been pretty much the same. We had our annual vet visit to get shots updated and Bella is up three whole pounds. She now weighs a whopping fifteen pounds, but she looks skinnier than ever, so we think she put on a little more muscle. She does need to get her teeth cleaned though. We have tried brushing her teeth on our own and have not been successful. A little dog with a short nose makes it difficult to open her mouth. The vet wants us to bring Bella in to have her sedated and get a deep clean, and there is always the concern of putting a dog under anesthesia, so we are still considering everything.

Murphy’s anxiety has died down a little bit since our roommates moved out.–If you didn’t know, we had some friends and their dog live with us for a few months and they bought their first house last month. While they lived here, Murphy’s anxiety was thru theroof, since they moved out she has relaxed a little bit. Even though her anxiety has decreased and she seems pretty normal, she did go into heat. It was about dang time too, most dogs go into heat between 6 and 18 months, Lucy did right when she was a year old; Murphy was a little older than that. Well, Murphy is finally getting spayed the day before Thanksgiving.

Some people think we are crazy for letting our dogs go through heat but we have very valid reasons for our way of thinking, let me explain quickly. Spaying a dog too early can stunt their hormones where they stay a “puppy” for the rest of their lives since their hormones didn’t fully develop. Letting a dog go through too many cycles can cause potentially bigger problems like mammary cancer. Or they could be totally fine. Because I was in college when I got Bella, I didn’t want her to go into heat in my rental apartment, so I got her fixed at five months old. We decided when we got Lucy that we wanted to wait until she had gone through one cycle.

(Yes this is a picture of Murphy wearing a diaper, surprisingly she didn’t hate them.)

One of our friends is a veterinarian and she told us that there is research to support waiting for one cycle before spaying that it helps reduce the risk of hip dysplasia in larger breed dogs. Then again she was pretty intoxicated when she told me that so who know how true it is. We did notice with Lucy that she calmed down quite a bit after she got spayed. Since she is a therapy dog it really worked in our favor. Hopefully, Murphy will calm down like Lucy did, but we won’t know for sure until the first week of December if she is more chill.

Now for the biggest news of all…drum roll please…Lucy has two job interviews this week! She has been doing so well when she works at our Church that I decided it was time to get a job at a hospital. The organization we work with for therapy stuff will post different facilities in search of therapy animals. Well, I checked in to see if there were any facilities near our house in need of therapy animals and behold two hospitals are in need. Well, we contacted both facilities and we have interviews with them this week. Hopefully we impress our interviewers and we can start working at both hospitals very soon. I will keep you all posted on how the interviews go, and fingers crossed I can start sharing stories of the people we meet.

That is your news for now. Big things are happening at The Weiss House and we are all very excited.

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