Tail Wag Tuesday #7

Hey friends!

If you read my post yesterday, you saw that I am changing things up a bit. With the addition of the fashion posts, I’m adjusting the Tail Wag posts slightly. Let’s be honest, its hard to write a substantial post about Murphy one day, a products we are loving post the next, and Lucy the next. Not only is it difficult for me, it is kinda boring. Things get repeated, I have a tendency to ramble and there are only so many things that a dog can do in a weeks time to be interesting and, it’s not nearly as funny when I put it into writing as it is in person.

So, Tail Wag posts will now be a combo day in a way. If we got something new for the girls I will talk about it here, Murphy’s antics will now be here as well as Lucy’s.

Now for the reason you actually came to The Weiss House today…the dogs.


She didn’t do anything too silly this past week. Her sock hunting skills are improving, and she is getting faster about taking them out of her hiding places. She has picked up a new habit in the past few weeks that we are trying to break. She likes to steal the television remote and carry it around. She will occasionally change the channel, turn the volume up or down, fast forward a recording, you know the stuff you don’t want to happen while trying to watch a show or at 6 o’clock in the morning when everyone else is sleeping and I’m the only one awake. She has yet to hone in on the skill of turning the t.v. on, but she can successfully turn it off.

She will typically steal the remote, walk around with it in her mouth for a few minutes, try to turn it into a game if you try to take it from her. But finally she will just hold the remote in her mouth, crawl onto the couch or chair and whine until you come sit with her. It’s actually kind of pathetic.

She is still going to training, and we are starting to incorporate some of the therapy evaluation skills that she will need when she is old enough to start that process.

She has discovered her love for the watering hose and sprinklers. As temperatures rise, we have to water our yard and trees more often so they don’t die. Murphy loves the water and will chase it for hours if you let her. By the time the water is turned off, she is soaking wet. That is funny to watch, she chases the water, bites at the hose, loves to be sprayed. Its a fun game and it wears her out.


Lucy has had a pretty quiet couple of weeks. She got to go to the vet for her annual check up. This is where I was told that she weighs too much and needs to lose about 10 pounds, easier said than done. But we have increased her exercise a bit and cut her food portions. She doesn’t get nearly as many treats as she would like, but we have started giving her some low calorie fruits and vegetables. She will share an occasional apple with me (which she LOVES!), she also really likes celery. I find it a bit odd that she likes celery but the doc says its okay for her to eat.

We worked really hard to take our therapy evaluation. We went in about a week and half ago and she was doing so well. Then, I had to make her stay while I walked away. The way we were instructed to perform the exercise is different than how she had been trained, so she thought I was leaving her and she came up to my side (like she was trained to do), unfortunately because of that exercise we were deemed not ready. We were given the opportunity to take the evaluation again, which we are doing this weekend. We have been working diligently to get her ready so she can pass the second time around.

She and I were both nervous going into the evaluation. That may have been a contributing factor in her not performing the exercise as instructed, I’m not totally sure. But this time around we know what to expect and even though it will be with a different evaluator and group of volunteers, I’m hopeful that we pass. I definitely took the results harder than Lucy did. I was pretty upset about it since we had worked so hard and it was all over in 15 minutes. All we can do is learn from our experience and try again. It put me in a funk for a few days though.

We will see how this weekend goes with the second evaluation. I’m confident that we will pass with flying colors and she can start to work.

I hope you are liking the changes I’ve made to the content of the blog. Let me know your thoughts!

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