Tail Wag Tuesday #8

Big things are happening around The Weiss House, Lucy passed her Therapy Animal Evaluation!! A few weeks ago, Lucy and I went to take our team evaluation for the second time. I was super nervous when we walked in, I was afraid we were going to fail again, but I was so wrong!

The organization we evaluated with has very strict guidelines and they want to make sure they are sending the best animals into facilities. Of the twenty some odd skills they tested us on, there were only three things that she didn’t get a perfect score on; she was 3 points away from getting a perfect score.

Like anything in life, a perfect score is hard to achieve. As Lucy continues to mature, she may be able to get a perfect score in the future. Above it all, I am very happy with the score we got. We will have to take the test again every 2 years to ensure that she is still suited for being a therapy animal.

Murphy is still going through her training and we are hopeful that she will pass her test when the time comes.

At Murphy’s training class, two days after Lucy passed her test, our trainer told everyone else in the class that Lucy is now a registered therapy animal. Low and behold, our pastor is in our training class. He approached me about starting a new ministry at our church for therapy dogs to work closely with the children’s ministry. Of course, we accepted the challenge of starting a ministry and helping our church.

Lucy got to go to church last week and she loved the attention. It was a little difficult for me to take communion, Lucy tried to take it herself but our pastor gave her a blessing instead. Lucy will got to the final Bible study of the school year and then in a few weeks she will go to Vacation Bible School. We are excited about this new opportunity.

Through this journey we have learned that Lucy is really good with kids and enjoys being around them. I’m hoping we can get involved in the local schools come August. Murphy enjoys being around kids as well, and she does really well with people with physical and cognitive disabilities. I’m hoping she can pass her test in a few months and we can start to get Murphy working and volunteering as well.

We will see what the future has in store for us in terms of volunteering. My work schedule limits the times and days that we can go to facilities, so I’m hopeful that a few things I have in the works pan out and I can change my schedule a bit. The girls would love to have me home more often too. It would be a win-win for everyone.

Now that Lucy is out in the community, I’m sure that we will have some fun stories to share about the people we meet. Stay tuned for more Lucy adventures!

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