Tail Wag Tuesday #9

Happy Tuesday!

The girls have had a busy few weeks. Murphy finished her first round of manners training and started her second round of distractions training. We have figured out that Murphy suffers from high anxiety and stress, causing her tummy troubles. I try my hardest to keep Murphy away from situations that give her anxiety or stress her out. She seems to get the most anxiety when she is surrounded by other dogs that are aggressive or have high anxiety themselves.

While Murphy seems okay in the moment, her anxiety and stress levels go up and immediately after she calms down quite a bit, but a day or two later she has tummy troubles. It will usually subside within twenty-four or forty-eight hours but I wish there was a way to prevent it. As of now, the only way I can prevent her stomach aches is to give her constant medication, which I’m not a fan of. We have talked to our vet about it and her anxiety should reduce greatly once her training is finished. We have 12 weeks left of training then she can take her therapy test. Once we get through the training her anxiety will reduce greatly. Honestly, when there is a holiday and we have a week off of training, she is perfectly fine and she doesn’t have any problems. Training will be over before we know it and she will be back to normal, currently she is asleep, laying belly up in front of a fan, letting the breeze blow on her belly. Kind of like this…

Lucy on the other hand has been doing really well with her therapy work at the church. On Sunday mornings before we leave, I ask Lucy if she is ready to go to church, she runs to the door and waits for me to open it so she can go get in the car. She is a great car dog, but on Sunday’s she is so excited she won’t sit down in the car and can’t wait to get to the church. This past week in particular she had a great time at church. She was greeted by six people at the door, one of them being a eighteen month old little boy who got the biggest smile on his face and ran up to her to give her a hug. She loved it!

Right before we walked into the sanctuary to find our seat, one of our elder members gave Lucy a piece of her doughnut, a little girl gave her a quarter of an apple, and the little boy in front of us kept dropping his veggie puffs for Lucy to eat. So needless to say, she didn’t get any treats when we got home, she was spoiled enough at church.

She also is starting to lead the pre-school aged kids to the children’s message portion of the service. The kids are loving their new addition. The kids love her so much that they don’t pay attention during the service, so we excuse ourselves during their lesson. We walk the kids to the room for their message, wait in the lobby or go into back into the sanctuary for a short time, and then walk the kids back into the service when the sermon is over. At the beginning of the children’s church, they all get to say hello to her and surround her to give her lots of love and kisses. She is really enjoying all of the attention she is getting!

Murphy and Lucy are living the dream and are much happier for it. Next week is all about Bella, get to know her a little better.

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